Heptonstall Exhibitions and Richard Naylor Charities

Educational Grants in the Calder Valley

Our History

We have provided support to people within the parish for over 125 years. This is the area bounded by Pudsey Rd in Todmorden, Midgley Rd in Mytholmroyd and Turvin Rd in Cragg Vale. It includes, Hebden Bridge, Heptonstall, Blackshaw, Wadsworth, Stansfield, Erringden and Langfield.

The Heptonstall Exhibitions Charity was begun on June 26th 1893 as the result of the death of Albert Law of Green Leas, Midgehole, Hebden Bridge. The Charity of Richard Naylor was begun on 14th May 1897

Aims and Objectives

“For the purpose of the assistance of persons, whose parents are bona fide residents in the Ancient Chapelry of Heptonstall, who are under the age of 21 years by means of Exhibitions consisting of either a payment of the tuition fees at the school or a yearly payment by way of a maintenance allowance tenable at any public secondary school or exhibition tenable at any university, university college or other like institutions of higher education (including professional or technical),and for the training for persons intending to enter any profession within the scope of the Charities.

The Heptonstall Exhibitions and Richard Naylor Charities are two entirely separate Charities which for the purpose of administration are administered together by the same group of Governors and Trustees.


Applications must be made by 12:00 noon on the second Saturday of September. In 2021 that was Saturday 11th September. That deadline has now passed. It is expected that decisions on grants to be awarded will be made in October.

Postal applications must be sent to the chair, T. Greenwood. Please note that email applications must include the completed form as an attachment.

Heptonstall Exhibitions – Charity Number 529151, Richard Naylor – Charity Number 226255)

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